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Miss Ginger's Family Fun Entertainment

Meet Miss Ginger

I'm a singer, guitarist and ventriloquist who thoroughly enjoys entertaining, educating and inspiring children and families. If you would like me to come put on my show for you please call or text 1-812-659-3363.

A Bit of My Silly Songs Show

Bryant Oden's famous song, "My Dog Doesn't Have a Tail."

Lots of silly fun in which Horatio, the Pig learns the importance of learning and also comes to realize that everyone is good at something. $125. ($20 for travel expenses.)

(The show) was funny, entertaining and engaged the audience.” - R. Greenlee, School Counselor and parent

My granddaughters loved Miss Ginger and her pig, Horatio! They are still singing those silly songs.” —E. Hardesty, Children’s Book Author

“...fun and entertaining for all ages…” J. Nemeth, Mother